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Opportunities for Submitting Accessibility Specifications to JTC 1

Noting SWG Objective 7, the JTC 1 SWG on Accessibility, committed to the value of an open and transparent standards development process, will work with such consortia and fora where appropriate and if desired to identify opportunities for them to submit their accessibility specifications to JTC 1 through:

  1. Traditional standards development process, e.g., New Work Item Proposals, CDs, WDs, FDISs

  2. The Publicly Available Specification (PAS) transposition process

  3. The Fast Track Process - The SWG encourages National Bodies to actively seek additional input from the user community on fast tracked accessibility standards.
Interested organizations can email the SWG-A Secretariat contact, Ms. Jennifer Garner (jgarner@itic.org) to discuss opportunities for submitting their accessibility specifications to JTC 1.



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